5G Industrial Wireless Termina

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5G Industrial Wireless Termina

The 5G industrial wireless data terminal is the first 5G product of the University of Science and Technology, and it is advancing simultaneously with the 5G network infrastructure. It is of great significance for the company to follow the development of 5G technology and carry out commercial and industrial applications. The terminal adopts industrial-grade high-performance processors and industrial wireless modules, which can provide a variety of protective hardware interfaces and a safe and stable VPN channel. Use 5G/4G operators to provide users with wireless long-distance big data transmission and processing capabilities, and support the communication networks of China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom. The product realizes 5G network access and provides visual web configuration functions, with automatic reconnection of broken links, multi-channel data transparent transmission, flow management and other functions, which can provide users with fast and convenient network deployment to meet applications in various industrial environments And diversified networking requirements.


  • Equipped With HUAWEI 5G Industrial Module MH5000

  • Dual Network Port Support 10/100/1000 Mbps Rate

  • Support APN Dedicated Network Card, Drawer Type SIM Card Holder

  • Support Multiple Status Indicators for Easy Access to Terminal Status

  • Support Sending Registration Package/Heartbeat Package Data

  • VPN Secure Connection to Ensure Digital Security

Application scenario