Sanitary Napkin Machine

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Sanitary Napkin Machine

Fast-easy packing sanitary napkin,Straight packing sanitary napkin,Individual sanitary napkin

1. Supply: 3 phase,380V,50Hz

2. Power:180-330KW(Excluding hot melt applicator and Compressor)

3. Production speed:600-1200pcs/min

4. Qualification:≥97%

5. Outside dimension(m):25 x 5 x 3 (L×W×H)( for reference)


  • Intelligent control

    Full servo drive, PLC control system (according to CE standard)

  • One key switch

    One-key specification switching, equipped with the function of returning to the origin

  • Visual operation

    Man-machine interface, graphical parameterized operation

  • Data collection

    Full production data collection

  • Real time monitoring

    Real-time monitoring of equipment status, maintenance reminder

  • Remote operation and maintenance

    MES data interface, remote equipment monitoring and maintenance

  • Cost Control

    The material end of the replacement material is controlled at 3 meters to reduce the loss of raw materials

Application scenario