Split DC Charging Pile

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Split DC Charging Pile

1. On-demand allocation: According to vehicle needs, automatically identify and allocate the required maximum charging power to ensure that each new energy vehicle can be quickly charged with maximum power.

2. Flexible business scenarios: different charging strategies can be implemented according to different business scenarios at different time periods.

3. Improve the utilization rate of equipment. When the vehicle or power demand is gradually reduced, the system can dispatch the power to other vehicles to reduce the idle time of the charging module.

4. Expansion charging module and charging gun interface can be reserved, which can be expanded later according to the needs of the scene.


  • Wide Range of Models

    200-750V wide voltage range, equipped with 12V and 24V auxiliary power modules, to meet the charging of new and old national standard vehicles

  • Stable Output

    Power factor ≥0.99, low harmonic content

  • Security

    With multiple protection functions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, over temperature, anti-reverse connection, etc.

  • Strong Environmental Adaptability

    Protection grade IP54, resistant to high and low temperature, moisture and salt spray

  • Smart Power Distribution

    Dynamically optimized power module management to adapt to the maximum efficiency output under various power output states

  • Convenient Operation

    Both the rectifier cabinet and the charging terminal are equipped with a 7-inch display screen with colored light indication

  • Constant Power Function

    Efficient charging, saving time

Application scenario