Energy Storage Converter

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Energy Storage Converter

KD-PCS50-1I/1OThe two-way energy storage converter is the link between the power grid and the electric energy storage equipment. It is responsible for charging and electric energy feedback. It is the key equipment of the energy storage system. It solves the contradiction between the large power grid and the distributed power source. The large power grid can be connected to the network and can also be disconnected from the main grid when the power grid fails or needs to be operated separately, which improves the safety, stability, and economy of the power system.


  • Rated Voltage:AC380V 3P4W

  • Rated Current:75A

  • Rated Power:50KW

  • DC Voltage:250-650V

  • DC:100A

  • Power Factor:>0.99

  • Current Harmonic THD:<3%

  • Modular Design, Easy Maintenance

Application scenario