Compensation Device

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Compensation Device

The hybrid dynamic reactive power compensation device adopts the configuration scheme of the combination of static var generator SVG and switching capacitor/reactor. In the hybrid dynamic reactive power compensation device, each unit adopts a small power, small volume, and low cost method. The design and production are all optional units, which can be combined flexibly according to the actual reactive power status on site to improve the operation effect.


  • Operating Voltage(v):380±15%

  • Working Frequency(Hz):50±5%

  • Single Module Capacity:50~600kvar

  • Response Time:≤5ms

  • Effectiveness:≥96%

  • System Power Factor after compensation: ≥0.98

  • Compensation Method: three-phase total compensation or single-phase separate compensation

  • SVG Accounts for 5%~50% of Total Capacity

Application scenario