Beidou Transmission Terminal

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Beidou Transmission Terminal

Beidou Digital Transmission Terminal KDBDS-01 is a multifunctional Beidou communication terminal that supports Beidou RDSS and RNSS designed for power data transmission such as power meter reading, data monitoring, and load control applications. It can realize RDSS two-way positioning, short message communication, position report, and RNSS positioning and timing functions. The terminal adopts an integrated design, the fixed pole installation is more convenient, and it is equipped with a serial port, which is convenient for users to carry out secondary development. The terminal has small size, low power consumption, simple connection and convenient operation, and can be widely used in electric power, water conservancy, marine and other industries.


  • Input Frequency: BDS B1 + GPS L1

  • Data Update Rate: 1Hz

  • Positioning Accuracy:10m

  • Cold Start Time:<=35s

  • Hot Start Time:<=2s

  • Positioning/Communication: success rate:>=95%

Application scenario