Automations Testing Platform

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Automations Testing Platform

The intelligent automation system detection platform integrates simulation testing, industrial robots, image recognition and processing, intelligent logistics warehousing and other technologies, and organically combines power equipment detection with artificial intelligence. It is suitable for automatic detection of power distribution terminals and fault indicators, and uses automated pipelines. It realizes the automated assembly line operation of the inspection process from product delivery, code scanning, identification, inspection, classification, and issuance of reports. There is no manual intervention in the whole process, and the system is highly intelligent, thus realizing centralized inspection, centralized storage and unification of power equipment Distribution and unified supervision.


  • Modular Design

    Each sub-system can be used in combination or used separately

  • High Compatibility

    Suitable for fault indicator, distribution transformer terminal, power distribution terminal function and performance index detection

  • High Integration

    Meet the requirements of random inspection before arrival of fault indicator and power distribution terminal and full inspection after arrival

  • One Key Control

    One-key control realizes automatic assembly line operation, without human intervention in the whole process

  • Flexible Control

    Support automatic, semi-automatic, manual test mode

  • Security

    Use physical and electrical isolation dual protection to ensure the personal safety of the operator and avoid safety accidents caused by improper operation or machine failure

  • Intelligent Management

    Use the WMS system of intelligent warehousing to realize intelligent and refined management such as inventory management, warehousing management, and supply chain management of the inspected equipment

  • Free Expansion

    The reserved interface can realize data sharing with the power distribution master station, and upload the test data to the master station synchronously to realize the data evaluation before and after the equipment under test is connected to the network

Application scenario