MES Management System

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MES Management System

MES production management system is the link of enterprise information integration. The basic means for enterprises to implement agile manufacturing strategies and realize agile workshop production can help companies realize production plan management, production process control, product quality management, workshop inventory management, and project Kanban managementEtc. to improve the manufacturing execution capabilities of the enterprise The MES system optimizes and manages the entire production process from order placement to product completion through information transmission, which can reduce redundant activities within the enterprise and effectively guide the production operation process of the factory, so that it can improve the factory's timely delivery ability and improve The circulation performance of materials can increase the rate of return on production.


  • Data Collection

    Comprehensive, real-time and effective integration of production data to provide a basis for job optimization

  • Production Optimization

    Improve the transparency of production operation information, optimize production protection and production scheduling decisions

  • Real Time Response

    Improve the real-time performance of production operation information and improve the responsiveness of production time processing

  • Quality Traceability

    Improve production time and product traceability, improve product quality and customer satisfaction

Application scenario