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The concentrator has the characteristics of strong stability, high reliability, good real-time performance, and powerful functions. It is a new generation of microcomputer intelligent collection terminal integrating remote measurement, remote signaling, collection, statistics and wireless communication functions. It can be widely applied to the data collection of household meters and general meters in various urban communities and rural villages. At the same time, it can complete the monitoring, data statistics and other functions of the distribution transformers in the station area. The meter system is of positive significance for improving the efficiency of the collective reading of the community and reducing the line loss.


  • Operating Temperature:-40℃-75℃

  • Operating Voltage:3 X 220V/380V ±20%

  • Power Consumption: active power consumption ≤ 4W

  • Remote Signal Input: 4 channels

  • Flash Memory: 256MB

  • Data Collection: 2 RS485

Application scenario