Column Load Switch

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Column Load Switch

FZW28-12(VSP5)The vacuum automatic power distribution switch has advanced technology and superior performance. It can be used as an ordinary load switch, and can be used to realize the fault of the distribution line in a voltage sequence after installing a switching power supply transformer SPS and a distribution automation fault detection device FDR Diagnosis, fault isolation and power restoration in non-faulty sections, and the terminal can also realize real-time monitoring functions. FZW28-12 type vacuum load switch is used in the occasion of column installation. It has manual and electric operation functions. It is a maintenance-free load switch. It uses vacuum arc extinguishing and SF6 gas as the ground and phase insulation medium.


  • Rated Voltage and Current:12kV、630A

  • Rated Frequency:50Hz

  • Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage (Peak Value):75/85kV

  • Rated Short-circuit Making Current (Peak Value):50kA

Application scenario