Station Terminal

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Station Terminal

The intelligent station terminal DTU adopts a modular plug-in structure design, plug and play, and integrates functions such as remote measurement, remote signaling, remote control, remote adjustment, protection, measurement and communication. It is widely used in power distribution rooms, ring network cabinets or open In applications such as closed stations and other multi-loop centralized monitoring, it can cooperate with the communication system to form various ring network and non-ring network distribution automation systems, and cooperate with the master station to realize the operation status monitoring of the distribution line, centralized FA and other distribution network automation Features.


  • Operating Temperature:-40℃-85℃

  • AC Voltage Measurement Accuracy:0.5level

  • Current Measurement Accuracy: 0.5 level

  • DC Voltage: 0.5 level

  • Frequency: 0.2 level

  • Active Power 0.5S Level, Reactive Power Level 2

  • Telesignal Resolution:<2 ms

  • Action Time: ≤40ms

Application scenario