Feeder Terminal

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Feeder Terminal

The intelligent feeder terminal FTU is installed on the overhead line of the distribution network and integrates telemetry, remote signaling, remote control, remote adjustment, communication and protection functions. It can cooperate with the master station to realize centralized or local FA functions, which effectively reduces The number of power outages has shortened the power outage time and reduced the scope of power outages, greatly improving the reliability of power supply, and ensuring the stable operation of the line.


  • Operating Temperature:-40℃-85℃

  • AC Voltage Measurement Accuracy:0.5level

  • Current Measurement Accuracy:0.5level

  • DC Voltage:0.5level

  • Frequency: 0.2 level

  • Telesignal Resolution<2ms

  • Action Time: ≤ 40ms

  • GPS Time Synchronization Accuracy:<=1us

Application scenario