Distribution Terminal

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Distribution Terminal

KD-200T The intelligent distribution terminal is an IoT edge computing terminal developed by the company and applied to low-voltage smart station areas. It integrates the functions of power supply information collection in the distribution station area, equipment status monitoring and communication networking, local analysis and decision-making, and master station communication. Intelligent terminal. The terminal adopts platform-based hardware design and edge computing architecture to support in-situ data storage and decision analysis. The terminal adopts modular, expandable, low-power, and maintenance-free design standards, which can adapt to complex operating environments and has high reliability The terminal uses a unified standard system development environment to realize the decoupling of software and hardware. The terminal functions are realized in the form of application software to meet the needs of flexible and rapid development of the distribution network business.


  • Operating Temperature:-40℃ ~ 70℃

  • Power Supply:AC 220V/380V,50Hz

  • Rated Current:5A

  • Terminal Power Consumption: Static Power Consumption≤20 VA

  • Measuring Capacity

    3-phase voltage and current; at least 4 switching quantities

  • Measurement Accuracy

    Voltage 0.5 grade, current 0.5 grade, active/reactive power 1.0 grade

  • Backup Power

    Support terminal work for at least 3 minutes

  • Communication Interface

    1 wireless 2G/3G/4G, 1 micro-power wireless, 1 broadband carrier, at least 4 RS-232/RS485

Application scenario