Fault Indicator

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Fault Indicator

The transient recorder fault indicator is used in the field of overhead line fault location. It is a power distribution automation product that integrates wireless radio frequency communication, low current power supply, low power consumption, high frequency sampling and other technologies. This product solves the problems of short-circuit fault detection of overhead lines and single-phase grounding positioning, and has the function of real-time monitoring of line load. The single-phase grounding fault can be located locally or at the master station by capturing the transient waveform signal when the fault occurs. The collection unit has a suspended design and has a wide range of applications.


  • Operating Temperature:-40℃-85℃

  • Sampling Frequency:1.6K

  • Sampling Accuracy:3%

  • Sampling Rrange:0-630A

  • Static Power:30uA

  • Power Performance:5A

  • Protection Level:IP68

Application scenario