Automatically Tighten AGV

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Automatically Tighten AGV

The screw positioning and fastening system is applied to the installation of automobile or train components. The screw position is located through the vision system, and the mechanical arm is fed back to tighten the screw. The system measures the tightening torque in real time during the tightening process to ensure that the screw tightening does reach the standard. The entire tightening system can automatically adapt to the pre-tightened screw angle and adjust the docking posture of the robotic arm.


  • Vision High Precision Positioning

    Accurately locate the screw fastening position error 0.2mm, high-precision estimation of the pitch angle

  • Smart Fastening

    Intelligently predict the robot posture during the tightening process according to the screw fastening surface, and intelligently calculate the shortest fitting path

  • Safe and Efficient

    Electronic torque measurement, tightening status record, each screw is documented

  • Flexible and Stable

    Multiple deployment methods (AGV, track, fixed installation) can meet the needs of different working conditions

Application scenario