Automatic Carrying Three-axis

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Automatic Carrying Three-axis

AGV+ automatically carries three-axis to take and place materials with three degrees of freedom in the three-dimensional space. The X\Y\Z three-axis transplanting mechanism is mounted on the AGV body to realize the function of picking and placing materials in three-dimensional space with three degrees of freedom. At the same time, in order to ensure the accuracy and stability of the AGV transmission, the X (same direction as the AGV)\Z (vertical horizontal plane) axis adopts the combination of a servo motor and a ball screw to achieve the accuracy and stability of the material picking and placing process. In order to reduce the occupation of the logistics channel, the Y (horizontal plane is vertical to the direction of travel) axis adopts a two-way double-stroke mechanism, which can extend and unwind materials in both directions to maximize the range of materials within a limited width.


  • Road Planning

    By drawing a line, plan the movement trajectory of the robot, and let the robot follow the specified route

  • Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance

    Automatically avoid pedestrians or other dynamic obstacles

  • Flexible Customization

    Compatible with multiple communication protocols, can be equipped with collaborative robots, three-axis robots and other standard components, support 5G communication

  • Remote Smart Cloud

    Support smart cloud system operation interface, support remote maintenance and prediction, support remote cloud batch scheduling

Application scenario