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AGV+E-Frame can use the rear towing hook to tow the trolley, and the trolley is automatically separated from the trolley after it is towed to the designated position. The car can tow single or multiple material trolleys with a maximum towing load of up to 3.6T. One or more E-frame mechanisms can be towed to realize automatic feeding and empty frame recycling. This model is widely used in the transportation of materials or finished products in the factory workshop, or outdoor material transfer.


  • Road Planning

    By drawing a line, plan the movement trajectory of the robot, and let the robot follow the specified route

  • Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance

    Automatically avoid pedestrians or other dynamic obstacles

  • Flexible Customization

    Compatible with multiple communication protocols, can be equipped with collaborative robots, three-axis robots and other standard components, support 5G communication

  • Remote Smart Cloud

    Support smart cloud system operation interface, support remote maintenance and pre-judgment, support remote cloud batch scheduling

Application scenario