Rear Traction Type AGV

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Rear Traction Type AGV

The rear traction type AGV can use the rear towing hook to tow the trolley, and the trolley is automatically separated from the trolley after it is towed to the specified position. The car can tow single or multiple feeders, and the maximum towing load can be as high as 3.6T. This model is widely used in the transportation of materials or finished products in the factory workshop, or outdoor material transfer.


  • Multiple Traction

    Tow multiple carts at one time

  • High-precision Navigation

    Navigation and positioning system accuracy ±10mm

  • Active Protection

    Brake autonomously on pedestrians or other dynamic obstacles

  • Automatic Charging

    When the battery is low, the logistics robot can find the location of the charging pile, accurately dock, and complete automatic charging

  • Intelligent Voice Broadcast

    Arrive at the coordinate position, can automatically broadcast the voice, the content can be customized

  • Outdoor Operation

    Support cross-workshop outdoor operation

Application scenario