Bidirection AGV

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Bidirection AGV

The appearance is small and exquisite, the structure is compact, and the shape is flexible. It can lurch under the trolley, use the lifting rod to hook the trolley, select the station to stop, and the AGV can carry out back and forth transportation according to AB or multiple stations. It is mostly used in welding workshops to tow SPS carts instead of manual materials to realize automatic feeding.


  • Heavy Load

    The maximum load is 5000KG

  • Active Protection

    Brake autonomously on pedestrians or other dynamic obstacles

  • Automatic Charging

    When the battery is low, the logistics robot can find the location of the charging pile, accurately dock, and complete automatic charging

  • Intelligent Voice Broadcast

    Arrive at the coordinate position, can automatically broadcast the voice, the content can be customized

  • Multi-machine Scheduling

    The scheduling system can connect multiple robots at the same time for task collaborative work

  • Smart Factory

    Reduce workshop aisle workers and build a green factory

Application scenario