Overloading AGV

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Overloading AGV

Overloading AGVs are usually used in product assembly lines. AGVs have a large carrying capacity and have various types such as knapsack, knapsack lifting, knapsack drum, and latent traction. The load ranges from 500KG to 40 tons. The heavy-duty AGV developed has the characteristics of large carrying capacity and small size of the vehicle. The company attaches importance to the safety features of the product. The vehicle has complete safety protection measures and has been successfully applied to various product assembly lines.


  • Heavy Load

    Can load more than 10000KG

  • Active Protection

    Brake autonomously on pedestrians or other dynamic obstacles

  • Small and Flexible

    The vehicle is relatively small and fast

  • Multi-machine Scheduling

    The scheduling system can connect multiple robots at the same time for task collaborative work

Application scenario