Walk-rider AGV

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Walk-rider AGV

The pallet transfer forklift AGV is a high-performance, multi-purpose handling robot that can be used for ground pallet handling to solve the automatic material handling requirements of warehousing and production lines; this product is efficient, convenient, and mature in application. It is a flat warehouse handling and picking operation The preferred model. It can support a variety of navigation methods such as magnetic stripe/ribbon/two-dimensional code/laser.


  • Real Time Monitoring

    Vehicle location and status are monitored in real time through the background

  • Intelligent Recognition

    Intelligently identify goods and application scenarios

  • Cluster Scheduling

    Multi-vehicle large-scale collective dispatch

  • Security

    Sports contact collision avoidance, emergency braking, safety distance

  • Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance

    Automatically avoid pedestrians or other dynamic obstacles

  • Road Planning

    By drawing a line, plan the movement trajectory of the robot, and let the robot follow the specified route

Application scenario