Inspection Robot

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Inspection Robot

The PIR-UP200 power pipe gallery inspection robot takes the inspection robot as the core, cooperates with the fire extinguishing robot, and combines with the remote monitoring platform, data server and related accessories. It is equipped with various high-precision sensors to realize the diversification of the pipe gallery environment and equipment Functions such as patrol inspection, failure prediction and emergency fire alarm.


  • Multi-detection Function

    Visible light video surveillance, intelligent visual recognition, infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement, smoke, toxic gas and other environmental monitoring

  • Distributed Power Supply System

    Distributed intelligent charging system, intelligently select the nearest route for charging, and the continuous walking is not less than 3 kilometers on a single charge

  • Multiple Degrees of Freedom Tour

    Multi-degree-of-freedom pan/tilt system, which can collect all the tunnel environment

  • Complex Path Adaptability

    With a climbing ability of not less than 30° and a small radius turning ability

  • Smart Tunnel

    Three-dimensional digital visualization tunnel

  • Information Security

    Encrypted wireless private network, unobstructed transmission greater than 1000 meters

Application scenario