Tracked Inspection Robot

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Tracked Inspection Robot

The PIR-TS500 crawler inspection robot integrates the latest mechatronics and information technology, and uses autonomous or remote control methods to replace inspectors to perform visible light, infrared, sound and other state detection on power equipment under specific occasions. Compare and analyze the inspection data, discover hidden dangers and failure precursors in equipment operation in time, improve the digitization of equipment and the automation level of all-round monitoring, improve the intelligent inspection management level of power equipment and the controllability of the inspection process, and ensure the safety and reliability of equipment run.


  • Multi-detection Function

    Video surveillance, infrared temperature measurement, sound detection, gas detection and other functions, integrated processing through a platform

  • Navigation and Positioning

    Excellent navigation and positioning algorithm, repeated positioning error is less than 1cm

  • Safe Operation

    Equipped with ultrasonic radar in the whole range, with the function of stopping and avoiding obstacles, and laser detection function to prevent the robot from falling

  • Obstacle Crossing Function

    Adopt a special track type movement method, which can cross a variety of special terrains

Application scenario