Substation Inspection Robot

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Substation Inspection Robot

The PIR-TS210 substation inspection robot is an intelligent monitoring device that is designed to be lightweight and miniaturized under the conditions of meeting the design requirements of smart substations, and can complete a comprehensive inspection of related equipment. The wheeled intelligent inspection robot has the functions of autonomous navigation, positioning, charging, inspection, etc. It uses the combination of infrared thermal imaging and high-definition video dual-view technology to accurately identify the readings of various meters and the current and voltage heating phenomenon of the equipment, and discover the equipment in time Defects, improve inspection efficiency, and truly realize intelligent inspection solutions for robots in a variety of complex environments.


  • Map Building

    Large-capacity map scanning, updating, and splicing capabilities can easily handle 300,000 square meters of substation inspection tasks

  • Visual Identity

    AI-based visual algorithm library, the recognition accuracy rate reaches more than 95%

  • Infrared Thermal Imaging

    Algorithmically process the location and shooting of temperature measurement points, analyze the operation of the equipment, and troubleshoot defects

  • Voice Intercom

    Optimized by the system algorithm to achieve lossless transmission of sound quality and a wide range of sound pickup

  • Navigation and Positioning

    Non-reflective laser navigation system, excellent navigation and positioning algorithm, repeat positioning error less than 1cm

  • Cruising Ability

    More than 8 hours of cruise capability, fully guaranteeing the scope and efficiency of robot mission execution

Application scenario