The "Wisdom Together·New Journey" annual meeting closes丨2020 will move forward with confidence!


On January 18th, HTH Intelligent Group's "Smart Hex·New Journey" 2020 New Year Party was successfully held in Hefei, and "confidence" became the key word for the start of 2020. On this day, the intelligent partners of the University of Science and Technology from all corners of the world gathered together, moved with memories, talked about friendship, looked forward to the future, and moved forward with determination.

The annual meeting kicked off in the passionate "HTH 2019 Memorabilia" laser show.

The sea of stars, the journey is like a rainbow. Looking back on 2019, we refine the core concept of "Industry + Intelligence", take "Smart Technology, Smart Future" as our mission, and uphold the core values of "Integrity, Responsibility, Openness, and Innovation". "Industrial Leaders, Smart Life Creators", have overcome obstacles in their journey of a beautiful vision.

Then it entered the highlight of the annual meeting, the commendation of outstanding employees.

In 2019, in the course of solid struggle, the indomitable intelligent people of the University of Science and Technology, with a pragmatic attitude, a spirit of facing difficulties, an open and innovative belief, meet challenges, and move forward courageously, a number of role models have emerged from the grassroots. From employees to middle managers to general managers, they practice the company's core values of "integrity, responsibility, openness and innovation", write ordinary and true themselves with wisdom and passion, and create extraordinary value in their respective positions .

Every holiday season, when the New Year comes, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the foreign personnel and all the staff who are fighting on the front line!

At the end of the commendation session, Ms. Wang Tingting, the executive president, delivered a speech, making an affectionate confession to all the award-winning outstanding employees and every HKUST intelligent person struggling in their ordinary positions. At the same time, she also took the opportunity of the annual meeting to express her full confidence in the future. . Faith is the heart of faith in the success of behavior and its evolution. For the coming 2020, Mr. Wang said that the company will focus on building organizational capabilities that support the implementation of the strategy, empower employees at all levels, and symbiotic collaboration. At the same time, it reshaped the company's brand power in terms of customer reputation, technical strength, product strength and efficient service, and achieved several invisible champions. Every HKUST smart person is responsible for shaping the company's brand. We share, shape, and share the HTH brand. Hand in hand and use technology to create a future of infinite imagination and wisdom, and go on a new journey of wisdom together in 2020!

The passionate and dynamic opening dance "Shining Star", the hilarious cross talk "Programmer's Amateur Life", the creative dance drama "HTHdissco", a variety of annual conference art performances have appeared in succession. The multi-talented HTHer give full play to their creativity, put the dots of work and life into the dance, write the advantages of projects and products into the play, and integrate the corporate values of "integrity, responsibility, openness, and innovation" to create a This is an excellent visual feast.

The skewered song "We are all dream chasers" sung by the executives, even more enthusiastic the audience, pushing the party to the climax! Crossing "The Sea of Stars", "Dare to Ask Where is the Way", "I Believe" I, and I believe in tomorrow, the world is waiting for us to change, I do believe!

The hills and mountains are humble and high, and behind each greatness is the ordinaryness of water. In 2020, please be confident and move forward with the intelligence of the University of Science and Technology.

Finally, HTH is here to give you an early greeting, and wish you all happiness and success in the year of the rat, and count you the best!