Wang Bowei, vice chairman of Langjiu shares, led a team to visit HTH


On August 5th, Wang Bowei, vice chairman of Langjiu Co., Ltd. and chairman of Langjiu Quality Research Institute, led a team to visit HTH. Dr. Liu Wei, Dean of HTH Research Institute, and Director of Marketing Center Chen Mingyuan received a warm reception. The two parties carried out in-depth exchanges on pre-projects such as intelligent production, big data collection of winemaking technology, and intelligent logistics, discussed the subsequent implementation, and further expanded cooperation.

Vice Chairman Wang Bowei and his entourage visited the Smart Showroom and Smart Demonstration Workshop of the University of Science and Technology, and experienced the hard-core smart manufacturing capabilities of smart technology. Vice Chairman Wang Bowei said that HTH has been deeply involved in the field of industrial intelligence for many years and has core technical strength. This visit has a deeper understanding that technology is the core competitiveness of an enterprise. "Technology is so cool, so trendy, and so fashion."

As early as 2019, Langjiu and HTH launched a preliminary consultation and cooperation on intelligent production, big data collection of winemaking technology, and intelligent logistics. One year later, this time, Vice Chairman Wang Bowei led a team to the University of Science and Technology to investigate and further explore the implementation of the preliminary project.
During the symposium, the two sides conducted a lively discussion on specific scientific research projects, such as: in intelligent production, how to replace manual koji making with mechanical automation while still ensuring the characteristics of traditional craftsmanship? In the big data collection of wine making process, how to use the collection terminal and cloud platform to display the massive process data in real-time scene? In the intelligent logistics system, how to build Langjiu's unique three-dimensional warehouse to achieve a balance between space utilization and throughput efficiency...

Vice Chairman Wang Bowei expressed his sincere gratitude to HTH's preliminary research and deeply agreed with HTH's corporate philosophy of quickly seizing market demand and making quick decisions and actions. He said that many industries are currently facing the crisis of overcapacity. Langjiu has responded to market demand in recent years, exploring the perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship and intelligent manufacturing, and striving to build a trinity of mechanization, automation and traditional craftsmanship, and strive to make Langjiu into the circle. One of the coolest, trendiest and most fashionable" companies.

"We are very confident in the quality of Langjiu, and look forward to growing together with Langjiu on the road of creating the ultimate quality." Dean Liu Wei said that HTH is willing to take quality as the starting point and cooperate with Langjiu to develop together with modern technology. , To create a set of pioneering winemaking technology big data collection system to further enhance the quality of Langjiu.

As one of the country’s leading suppliers of industrial intelligence solutions, HTH has accumulated core technologies and landing experience in industrial big data collection, industrial artificial intelligence and industrial application innovation, and has the ability to meet differentiated industry needs , Provide customized solutions.
At present, the company has built smart factory overall solutions for many well-known enterprises in the industries of smelting, casting and rolling, fast-moving consumer goods, new energy and other industries, helping customers to achieve online control, real-time monitoring, process analysis and quality throughout the product manufacturing life cycle optimization. Typical projects have been selected into the list of smart manufacturing demonstration projects of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
In the future Langjiu Manor, thousands of cellars are arranged in an orderly manner with various sensors, collecting data such as temperature, humidity, PH value, and oxygen content 24 hours a day, and presenting it on the central control screen in real time through the Internet of Things technology, which is a master brewer Empowered by the exquisite craftsmanship... These will no longer be a distant dream with the blessing of HTH’s intelligence.