Smart "5g industrial wireless data terminal" launched at HTH


On July 29, the 14th IOTE 2020 International Internet of Things Exhibition was grandly opened in Shenzhen. As one of the new products of TD Tech's "5G+AI Ecosystem", the latest "5G Industrial Wireless Data Terminal" developed by HTH, it was released for the first time and made a stunning appearance!

▲On-site release

The 5G industrial wireless data terminal is equipped with Huawei's 5G industrial module MH5000. By implementing the high bandwidth, low latency, and high reliability of 5G communication technology into industrial product applications, it provides 5G communication solutions for related products in the fields of intelligent manufacturing and power industry.


5G industrial wireless data terminal

The 5G industrial wireless data terminal adopts industrial-grade high-performance processors and industrial wireless modules, which can provide a variety of protected hardware interfaces and a safe and stable VPN channel. Use 5G/4G operators to provide users with wireless long-distance big data transmission and processing capabilities, and support the communication networks of China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom.

The product realizes 5G network access and provides visual web configuration functions, with automatic reconnection of broken links, multi-channel data transparent transmission, traffic management and other functions, which can provide users with fast and convenient network deployment to meet applications in various industrial environments And diversified networking requirements.

· Huawei Barong 5000 series (multi-mode, support SA/NSA)

· Using high-performance industrial-grade 5G wireless module, the theoretical wireless rate can reach 2Gbps, and the uplink rate is 230Mbps

· Both network ports support 10/100/1000Mbps rate

· Support APN dedicated network card, drawer type SIM card holder

· Support hardware watchdog with high reliability

· Supports multiple status indicators for easy access to terminal status

· Support sending registration package/heartbeat package data

· VPN secure connection to ensure digital security

· Wide power input (DC9~36V), typical 12V

The 5G industrial wireless data terminal is the first 5G product of the University of Science and Technology, and it is advancing simultaneously with the 5G network infrastructure. It is of great significance for the company to follow the development of 5G technology and carry out commercial and industrial applications. At present, the company has successfully combined AGV technology products to form a 5G+AGV solution. Based on the versatility of key technologies, 5G industrial wireless data terminals will be expanded to more areas of product applications in the future.


At present, AGV mainly realizes data communication through WIFI to form a local area network, which has problems such as cross-regional disconnection. Compared with WIFI, 5G can achieve more ubiquitous continuous coverage. The 5G data terminal can upload the real-time position of the AGV car to the cloud in real time, realizing the Internet of industrial data; supporting mobile remote control and large-scale dispatch while providing higher security Sex. The ultra-low latency of 5G also makes it possible for multiple AGVs to work together.

Not only that, the combination of 5G+MEC allows the AGV scheduling system to be deployed on edge cloud computing nodes, eliminating the hardware costs of deploying large industrial computers on the production site, and later maintenance personnel can remotely perform maintenance and upgrades on the system online. Greatly reduce operating costs.

▲Application of 5G industrial wireless data terminal in AGV

The advent of 5G industrial wireless data terminal products not only indicates that HTH has mastered key 5G application technologies, but will also support the company to expand more application innovations in the "5G+" field. With the large-scale commercialization of 5G networks, HTH will continue to focus on exploring 5G application innovation, combining artificial intelligence, edge computing, and smart terminals to create digital industrial solutions based on 5G communications. Contribute corporate power to 5G innovative applications to empower vertical industries.