HTH 2020 Most Core Value Practice Benchm


On July 18, the award ceremony for the most core value practice benchmarking figures of HTH Smart 2020 was successfully held in HTH Smart Robot Industrial Park. Chairman Huang Mingsong and other company executives personally presented awards to the winners.

"Integrity, Responsibility, Openness, Innovation", in 2019, the Group has clearly defined its core values, which are well recognized by employees, and a group of outstanding practitioners of corporate core values have emerged. In 2020, the stock company launched the annual selection of the most core value practice benchmarks, which received positive responses from various sub-groups and branch companies. Under the heavy selection of group executives and core values practice selection committee, 30 candidates stood out and were elected as the most core value benchmarks!

#Value Creator
#Company interests are paramount
#Capacity breakthrough #First set of R&D
#Cumulative overtime several hundred hours #Continuously fighting all night
Is their label
They use the most touching story
Created the most intelligent model of HTH!

At the end of the award ceremony, Chairman Huang Mingsong expressed his heartfelt congratulations to all the honored guests and thanked them for actively practicing the core values of the company and creating value for the company. He emphasized that the core values are of vital importance to the group and everyone in the group. He hopes that all staff will study, study, ponder and understand, and unswervingly adhere to the belief of "integrity, responsibility, openness and innovation"!

The year 2020 is already over half of the year. Facing the impact of the epidemic, economic downturn, and industry downturn in the first half of the year, HTH has become intelligent. Thanks to the hard work of all colleagues in the group, fruitful results have been achieved with keen insight, subversive innovation and super execution.

In the second half of the year full of hope, we will continue to uphold the core values of integrity, responsibility, openness and innovation, and accelerate forward! In the new journey of the digital age, I believe that HTH will add a strong touch to industrial intelligence. Together, let us not forget our original intention, go hand in hand, and pursue our dreams!