The Intelligent Internal Control Department of HKUST is an independent and objective department within the group that provides audit and consulting services. Its function is to supervise the legal compliance of operation and management, reasonably ensure the authenticity and integrity of financial reports and related information, improve the safety of the group’s assets, improve the efficiency of operations, and promote the realization of the development strategy of the group. Designed to escort HKUST's intelligent value preservation and appreciation.

HTH's actions to employees, business partners, shareholders and the public should represent integrity and compliance, and will never tolerate any violation of laws or company rules and regulations.

Before you report, please read the following precautions carefully:

Report scopeDetailed description

(1) Account books and records, accounting issues
(2) Corruption and bribery
(3) Violation of laws and regulations
(4) Embezzlement of interests
(5) Expense reimbursement issues
(6) Illegal gifts and entertainment
(7) Enterprise secrets or trade secret information security
(8) Intellectual Property
(9) Theft


(1) The content of the report must be objective and truthful, conclusive signs of violations, provide conclusive evidence when necessary;
(2) Please specify the time, place and content of the incident in detail in the email;
(3) Reporters should consciously abide by laws and regulations.

We hope that you report with your real name, and we promise to keep the reported information strictly confidential. We will verify and investigate the report you submitted immediately. Regarding the report that has been investigated and concluded, we will provide timely feedback based on the contact information you leave.

Integrity mailbox: lianjie@