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Internet of Things in Smart Station Area

The low-voltage distribution station area, as the last intelligent link directly facing power customers, plays a pivotal role in the overall construction of my country's smart grid. The realization of a high degree of intelligence, high monitoring and control will greatly improve management efficiency, strengthen the affordability of serving power customers, and cooperate with the strong grid architecture of the smart medium and high voltage grid to improve the carrying capacity of the entire smart grid and provide high-quality power for power customers energy.

Based on the Internet of Things technology, edge computing, on-site decision-making, with intelligent distribution terminal as the core of the construction, relying on the distributed computing service of edge computing and on-site decision-making in the station area, the operation status, line loss management and topology of the low-voltage distribution network Intelligent management and control of identification, power quality, three-phase imbalance, distributed energy access, and microgrid load orderly. Fully realize the key requirements of low-voltage power distribution operation and maintenance management in terms of agile connection, real-time business, data optimization, application intelligence, information security, etc., and create "full data collection, full state awareness, and full business penetration in the smart power distribution station area" "Ecological chain system.

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