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Overhead Line Internet of Things

Aiming at the construction of the ubiquitous power distribution Internet of Things, HKUST has targeted and provided customers with comprehensive and complete solutions based on the overhead line Internet of Things in the overhead line application scenarios. Mainly based on the "State Grid Core" on-pillar primary and secondary fusion equipment as the core, with overhead line icing and low-power online monitoring system and power distribution line fault location system as supplementary intelligent overhead line Internet of things construction.

Based on the traditional primary and secondary fusion equipment on the pillar, the feeder terminal with the "State Grid Core" technology as the main control chip is used as the data aggregation center and the edge computing core node to complete electrical measurement, line loss management and faults on site Judging, it can integrate a variety of IoT sensor technologies at the same time to conduct real-time online monitoring of the operating environment of overhead lines (such as temperature and humidity, wind speed, wind direction), line icing, wire temperature, insulator contamination, tower tilt, etc., to reduce overhead lines The risk of accidents, to achieve an intelligent integrated management model based on the "overhead line Internet of Things +" technology.

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