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The copmany has continuous independent innovation capabilities and domestic leading core technology. Through the combination of production, education and research, long-term technology accumulation and R&D innovation, the company has cultivated a high-level technology R&D team, established an industry-experienced design and technical team, and formed outstanding independent innovation capabilities.


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FuKe Intelligent Robot Research Institute
 In order to promote the transformation of scientific research results and innovative technologies from preface exploration to industrial application, HTH and Fudan University jointly established Shanghai Fuke Intelligent Robot Research Institute Co., Ltd., which was officially inaugurated at the 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference.

The Institute is committed to developing a unique, independent and efficient integrated ecosystem of production, teaching and research, with the goal of "technology research and development, achievement transformation, and industry incubation", and will further explore the development of brain-like technology and the transformation of scientific research results at a deeper basic level.

In October 2019, the expert committee of the Fuke Intelligent Robot Research Institute was established. As an advisory body for the research institute to expand artificial intelligence and related businesses, the expert committee gathers and leverages the comprehensive advantages of various experts in multiple disciplines and professions, and focuses on artificial intelligence and related businesses to study and discuss artificial intelligence theory, technology development, national policies and business 化 Application.